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About cRxeate.

cRxeate. was founded by Jo Bowen and Lucy O’Donovan (a doctor and a vet) in 2019 as an online forum to help support and mentor doctors, dentists and vets in their creativity.

You will see from the name we have chosen for our project that we aren't simply 'create' but - c RX eate. That's because we want any who Rx (prescribers) to feel and be part of lots of creativity.

Creativity is a way forward out of burnout and self erosion. It enriches through self expression and helps us with perception, exploration and curiosity. It's as much for scientists as artists. It fosters the imagination, good processing and a range of ways of thinking. 

Research on creativity provides increasing evidence that it is vital to health of clinicians and the practise of good person centred medicine too. 

At cRxeate. we can network with others in the use of any of the expressive or creative arts. We feature a big range of creativity interests, the arts and hobbies. 

We encourage interested people to join the forum and maybe come to a creativity cafe we run occasionally. We have many practical, everyday and online resources and links for you to engage with. We now have over 40 cRxeate. Fellows (people in medicine passionate about their creativity field and some associated scientists and artists interested in medicine) who can help you make the most of your own creativity.


Do see the Events page. Share your creativity events here too. We also meet virtually via facebook too - all social media details below. 

We are showcasing our inspirational  cRxeate. Fellow artists. Do take a look at our 'showcase gallery' which rotates every month. Each artist represented there shares more of their story through their links.

And keep in contact with us by subscribing to our newsletter, share your know-how and make creativity deepen for yourself and others. We would love your feedback. Oh, and do please tell your colleagues and friends!

Together we can Rx creatitivity at:

This website:



Instagram:    #RxCreate   is soon to happen

Twitter . we are to be found  @crxeate    Our hashtag is #cRxeate.  

Join cRxeate.!

together we can make art
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