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Artist Showcase 2

Dr Julia Baxendine-Jones

cRxeate. Fellow and

Head of Joyful Doctor Art

Julia tells us more about each image- click on the work to discover more about each one
support network

Support Network by Julia Baxendine-Jones

The Beach Buoys by Julia

The Beach Buoys by Julia Baxendine- Jones

By Julia Baxendine-Jones

One of Julia's highly textural paintings featuring dogs. This one is entitled 'Roxy and Jack'. Do look up her website for more on her work and inspiration.

We love you Roxy

by Julia Baxendine-Jones

Ski Sundae

Ski Sundae by Julia Baxendine- Jones. Click for the link for a description of the work.

Order! Order!

by Julia Baxendine- Jones

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