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resources 3- the business of shows, showing, framing, materials, and courses for learning more about art and self expression


If you aren't sure where to start with materials, we can offer advice. Soon we are adding a link with some suggestions!

course providers

We share our positive recent experiences of many excellent course providers around the country. Do feedback your suggestions.

Showing your work

Lots to say on this- more coming soon. Here's our first link.

art in the hospital or clinic

do you have a space you want filling with art- a wall, a garden, a ceiling....let us know and we can pass the word on to our medical dental and veterinary creatives.

illustration for med students

look up the work of Dr Francois Luks - he gets medical studnets to draw anatomy as if drawing their favourite cartoon character! Frees up their inhibitions. see our DIY workshops on resources section 2.

art trails

Look about the counties for their art and trails to enjoy. Here is a link to the Devon Artist network one run every September- for inspiration! Why not help to start a 'medical creatives' art trail' yourself? We are keen on this and would love to try and help! Join us all up to a bigger creative vision?

art show insurance

The Artists' Information company offers what we think is a good deal if you want to insure your art and art studio offerings! they also offer advice on what artists should get paid and a huge amount else in the contemporary world of art. Take a look via the link.

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