Wellness resources:

including for wellness signposting, self help wellness, self development ideas, creativity coaching, creativity  'barriers' .

Check out our DIY creativity enhancement workshops for you to do at home too! 

mindfulness tips
more tips and short workshops available for you from the playlist Mindful NHS or the twitter feed, same name.
equilibium and balance
several cRxeate Fellows talk about this aspect of creativity in their lives in medicine. see our link for an insight into this, here
Retreats for Doctors
A doctor led retreat for doctors- see the link to click onto the Acacia retreats website! Highly recommended by other doctors.
Responses to art
Jenny Saville ( see her painting of a female nude above) has achieved deserved recognition for her work. Art can make people thing, feel, and be different. It has power. Sometimes it describes a moment of being. We have an archive of photos which we call 'arrested imagery'. Contact us to find out more. We will be linking to interesting artistic responses here as time moves on- to enliven and engage any who are interested. The link shows how students responded to her work- how do you respond?
DIY creativity workshops
try one of these and report back- for your team or maybe you at home, with a good tea and some music on. Play!
creativity support
do you do creativity support for people? let us know what you do and become one of our Fellows in the area?
creativity barriers
Here we link to a poster on common creativity barriers that we find, and some responses to those barriers. We will be look at this area more as time goes on. Also see the links pages for more on concepts, and other organisations in the creativity field who may help you.
observation skills
Interesting recent research comparing medical students who practice observation (tutored life drawing for example) and those who did not, suggests that this creativity intervention improves the student's performance in medicine which often requires astrong focus on observing. We will be looking at research on creativity more in our links pages.
creativity theories
So much more to say here that will excite your creativity tastebuds. We will link to websites we like, books and relevant new research in our 'links' section -we aspire to create a cRxeate. virtual library!
outsider issues
Time for a think! We will be looking at how we can think creatively more in our blog and on our links pages.Here is a link to an interesting book on the outsider/ creative issue.
what is mindfulness
we need immersion, flow ( a creativity concept) and lots of living for now noticing thoughts and not judging. see our mindfulness document linked here.
mind maps resources
to come!
Wellness-where you can go to g
Recent surveys from the BMA and others show us lots of people in medicine are suffering with burnout and 'moral distress' and trauma. Many doctors, dentists and vets are in urgent need and there's no shame about it. Here is a link to a UK wide signposting map for help made for you via the BMA. There's also help via BDA and RCVS. Don't delay! You can get help.
creativity coaching
we will be looking at this area with self-help tools and ideas for further help too.
creativity reflections
Our cRxeate. Fellow in this area is a doctor, an artist and an experienced wellness practitioner. We will link to her reflections on creativity soon.
sleep and processing
About Beditation: sleep is vital for your processing and REM sleep is beginning to be understood as a core process for wellness. It is allowing your mind to be its normal creative self.Here we link to a 16 minute YouTube video we think you may enjoy. It has helped lots of people we know.
self soothing/calming techniques
For you to explore and try to see which suit you. these materials are for stabilisation and include breathing and creative visualisation tasks.
about burnout
This doctor looks engaged and empathic with his patient. He doesn't look exhausted and distant. Burnout is a WHO/ICD recognised syndrome affecting many professionals in medical/vet /dentistry professions- see more via the link here. There is no single cause and lots of possible remedies- creativity being one, we argue. we do not see it as end stage but more a warning sign to get help. we link to help resources on this resource section.
art therapy
are you an art therapist who would want to input here- become a cRxeate Fellow! Join our forum.
the imagination
much more to say- coming soon! have your say too- contact us to input. on the LInk page we have more on how creativity can be understood, research in the area and other involved organisations.
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